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Sewing Equipments

Special Events and Workshops

Common Thread Claremont hosts a vibrant array of special events and workshops, featuring talented visiting artists and makers who generously share their crafts with our community. From hands-on crafting sessions to insightful discussions, these gatherings foster creativity and connections among participants. Join us in celebrating the diverse world of artistry and skillful craftsmanship. These workshops are for adults, 18+

January 2024




Laura Piel

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Laura Piel, has extensive experience in the fashion industry having worked in both New York and Los Angeles. Laura’s training in all facets of fashion design has honed her skills in the art of making original patterns and screen-print designs, as well as millinery, and knitting. In addition to fashion design, Laura is also passionate about jewelry, fine art, dance, and interior design.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing you have worn to pieces?

Do you have a favorite top you wish you had in another fabric? This class is for you! Bring your favorite item of clothing and Laura will help you create a pattern without pulling apart your favorite garment. Recreating clothes from existing garments is a great way to practice your pattern making and sewing skills. What to bring: Your garment and fabric and we'll provide everything else. If you have questions, please text or call the studio (909) 912-5120


Fridays, 9:00AM - 11:00AM

January 12, 19 & 26, 2024

Slo Stitching Sunday --FREE
1-4 pm, 2nd Sunday of the month

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Postponed for now. We will reschedule next year!


Specks and keepings

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Debra Weiss of

Cost:  $70


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Create your own, one of a kind, crochet fish tackle necklace or bracelet with Debra Weiss of Specks and Keepings. Debra beautifully melds function and form in her fine art and her garments. Her playful process remains intuitive and inventive as she aims to capture the beauty all around her.  

Check out Specks and Keepings on IG


All materials included. If you have beads you'd like to use, bring them!

Inspired by the beauty of nature, I favor organic shapes, colors and textures in both my functional garments and fiber structures. The soft and supple quality of textiles have always moved me. Throughout my practice I gently manipulate fabric through stitching, knotting, appliqué and layering. Time slows and I work intuitively. I find myself making connections between the years of life and the layers of fabric. As we change and grow we remain ourselves only different, so does the fabric with each puncture of my needle.


Debra Weiss -


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