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More Information & Studio Safety


Common Thread offers sewing lessons for kids and teens in a workshop-like setting. Our guided classes provide a positive, collaborative, and above all, fun experience within a safe environment. Students gain a  sense of accomplishment by learning and mastering a valuable, life-long skill. In so doing, they gain self-confidence, develop their creativity, and experience the sense of pride that comes with the successful completion of their creation! 


No prior experience needed! All projects are matched to students' ability and guidance is geared to learning the mechanics of how to “read” patterns, use sewing tools, and operate a sewing machine. We provide all supplies: sewing machines, thread, fabric, an iron, notions, patterns, and most importantly, skilled guidance! Students are also welcome to bring their patterns and fabric.


Common Thread is an open sewing studio which means that students can advance at their own pace and make projects they find most interesting and exciting. Beginners start with the 3 projects from our Beginners Series, which includes a tote bag, zipper bag, and pajama shorts. Once these basic projects are completed, students are ready to move on and confidently choose from our extensive library of carefully designed original patterns.


More experienced sewists are encouraged to move on to more challenging projects. Because of this self-directed strategy, there may be multiple projects in process during every class -- one sewist may be making a quilt, while someone else is making a skirt, and yet another may be making a stuffed animal. In my 5 years of running a sewing studio, I have found that this method works best because it motivates students' creativity.  Every project is selected by the student and therefore they are inspired and motivated to see their project to completion. An added plus to this individual effort is the cross benefit to other students in class, all are inspired and encouraged by each other’s creativity. For me, this is the dynamic experience I most enjoy about working with my students

--Parents of NEW students must complete our student waiver before classes begin. Download here: 

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