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Parties & Groups


Common Thread Claremont is a great place to host your next celebration:

Birthday Parties

Baby Shower

Team Building 

Friends Party

Book Clubs

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your special day or a team-building event for your company? Look no further than Sewing Parties at Common Thread. We work with you to find the perfect sewing project for you and your group to enjoy. With a maximum of 12 participants, it's the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun with your friends or colleagues. Contact us today to book your Sewing Party!

All supplies and fabric included. 72 hour cancellation policy.

Community Service Matters!



We are proud to work with the dedicated members of our local NCL and appreciate the many ways they help our community and make a big difference. We teach our students the basics of machine sewing and guide them in making the specific projects for their group. Some of the projects we've worked on with NCL include pillowcases, adult bibs, baby blankets, lap quilts, and repurposed tote bags

NCL Information

  • $50/per student/2 hours

  • Price includes supplies for one pillowcase

  • Supplies for additional projects are to be provided by the NCL group.

Contact the studio to book your event!


Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts


Whether your Scout is making something to keep or creating a service project, sewing is a fun and creative skill that can be used for a lifetime. Scouts ages 6-8 can create hand-sewn projects such as embroidered art pillows, mini felt monster dolls or a dream catcher. Scouts ages 8+ can use a sewing machine to make projects such as a reversible tote bag, xbody bag, zipper bag, or monster doll. I am always open to kids designing their own projects, too!

Scout Information

  • $25/per student/2 hours

  • Price includes supplies for the project

  • 6 student minimum

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