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Summer Sewing Camps

Common Thread Claremont offers a variety of summer sewing camps for kids ages 8-18.






July 5-7, 9am-12 pm (3 day/9 hours/$243.)

All skill levels

Let your creativity run wild! In this camp, you'll create your very own stuffie from start to finish. We will have everything you'll need to bring your quirky creation to life. Fun furs and fabrics, buttons, colorful snaps, ribbons, and of course LOTS OF STUFFING!

rainbow spiral tie dye pattern background..jpg

CAMP #6 

July 5-7, 1 pm - 4 pm (3 day/9 hours/$243.)


All skill levels

Join us as we guide you through different tying techniques to create fun patterns, how to dye with different colors, and more. Once you have your new tie-dyed fabric, you can choose your new project! You can create a new summer top, skirt, pool cover-up or bag!



CAMP #7 

Studio Ghibli

July 10 - 13,
9am - 12pm/
4 day/12 hours/$324

advanced beginner

1 spot left!

Studio Ghibli films almost always feature memorable female characters. These young women always leave an impression on the viewer. They are brave and self-sufficient, from Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro to Sheeta in Castle In The Sky to the determined, Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service! In this camp, we will be creating core clothing pieces based on these amazing characters. 



July 10-13, 1pm - 4pm/4 day/12 hours/$350

Young Maker's Business Camp

All Levels

Do you have a great idea for a creative business? Have you always wanted to share your talent with others? Then this camp is for you! We will help you with your business ideas, from name to logo, and spend 4 days/12 hours helping you make your makes! Makers keep 100% of their sales!

Our POP-UP event will take place at

The 41st Village Venture, in downtown Claremont

on Saturday, October 28th!


ALL MAKERS are invited to hang out at the Common Thread Creativity booth and sell their awesome items, help with mini-workshops teaching visiting kids how to make Pom-poms, and other crafty craftity crafts! This extremely popular arts and crafts festival boasts 8,000+ visitors! I can't wait! 





July 17 & 18, 10:00am-1:00 pm/$175


All skill levels

Of our most popular camps, this one is it! On Monday, you'll create a makeup bag at Common Thread. On Tuesday, we'll meet at the studio and put the finishing touches on our bags and then walk down to the village to Tina G's beautiful makeup studio! Participants will work with Tina's amazing staff to custom design their very own lip swirl color lip gloss!

Camp #10 
Are you Team Dog or Team Cat?


July 20 - 21 , 10am-1pm/6 hours/$162

All skill levels

Inspired by pet lovers and things furry everywhere, Woof Woof  AND Meow celebrate the scrappy canine and the mischievous cat. The pink, blue, and gold color palette will delight sewists of all ages! Cut and sew panel makes 2 large dogs or cats and 4 puppies and kittens!



CAMP #11

All skill levels

Watermelon Tote


July 24 & 25, 10am - 1pm (2 day/6 hours/$162.)

Who doesn't want an adorable Watermelon tote? In this camp, you'll learn how to sew curves and add a zipper pocket to create a versatile and functional watermelon tote bag!


Sweet Melon or Chubby Tote


CAMP #12

July 26-28, 9am-12pm/3 day/9 hours/$243.

All skill levels

Doll Beds!

Make your own custom, hand-painted, and decoupaged doll bed! This has been a popular camp for 5 summers! My favorite local artist, Sandy Garcia, will guide students through decoupaging and adding color to decorate their doll beds. Quilter, Laura Greene will teach campers how to custom quilt a bedcover and make fun pillows. Bring your doll to camp, too!

#13 CAMP clueless!

July 26-28, 1pm-4pm/3 day/9 hours/$243.

Advanced Beginner

As if! Join us for this iconic 90's movie, Clueless Cosplay Camp! Are you a Cher, Dionne, Amber, or Tai? 

How would these characters dress today? In this camp, we will reimagine some of the classic looks from this groundbreaking 90's classic. So, grab your fluffy pen and join us!

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