Welcome to Common Thread Claremont ONLINE!


This format is new to us but, we are excited and up for the challenge. Learning new skills is what Common Thread is all about and I have been searching for exciting and challenging projects to teach online. Some of the things I have been looking for in choosing projects are 1) ease of construction; 2) projects that work well within the home environment, and most importantly, 3) FUN for our kids to complete. 


For online classes to work, all students must be on the same project. Because of this, I will be offering classes for:


Beginners (LEVEL 1)

Adventurous Beginners-Intermediate (LEVEL 2)


All the materials and supplies will be pre-packaged and will include everything needed for completion of the project. Class Packets can be shipped to your home a few days before the class is scheduled or picked up at the studio.

Some of the projects can be sewn by hand but, most will require a working sewing machine and we recommend you have this list of supplies in advance of the class. 

We will be using ZOOM for all classes with 3 students each.


Once you have registered for a class, you will be sent a login code to enter your Zoom Class Room. Before connecting to your ZOOM class, please test your stitches, gather your supplies, and have your project ready. There will be a learning curve and we might have to adjust along the way, but we are certain we can make this work! Let's adopt the USA Women’s Basketball motto: “Sweet is the victory of a job well done!”  

If you plan on attending an online class please register HERE.

218 West Foothill Blvd. Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 447-4300